Non-Invasive Motor Health Monitoring

Across all industries, motors eats up 2/3rds of total electricity consumption, making motors a key component of their facility and for motor heavy industries about 1 in 8 motors is expected to fail every year, which for industries can lead to costly unplanned downtimes. While manual & regular checkups can somehow alleviate these issues, around 63% of early motor fault still escapes undetected, making any measures taken too late and too expensive.

With motors being the backbone of our industries, don’t they deserve more attention? We think so.

This is why we came up with OneWatt, where we solve these problems by listening. Using our custom acoustic sensors, we literally listen to your motors. We hear their resonant frequency when they’re working properly, or their grumbles when they’re upset. Combining our ears with data your facility are already collecting allows us to identify faults earlier than other predictive systems in the market.

And our system don’t just tell you if a fault is developing; we tell you, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE the fault will be, down to the centimeter, removing any guesswork needed.

What We Do


Hive works with most motors regardless of brand, model or size. Our only loyalty is to your facility, not to any brand or manufacturer. Our system is built to be as least intrusive and as easily installed as possible. We don’t even need to touch your motors, ensuring your production is not affected.


Using our collected data and integrating with the data your facility is already collecting, OneWatt is able to provide earliest fault detection & prediction, at the fraction of the cost of our competitors. With OneWatt losses due to unplanned motor downtime is a thing of the past.


24/7 and in the cloud, OneWatt is always listening to your machines. Combining industry tested methods with the latest in computing allows Hive to provide you deep insights into your production in real-time, providing you actionable information removing the guesswork in maintenance.

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